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Choose Evisa or visa on arrival to visit Vietnam

Choose Evisa or visa on arrival to visit Vietnam

There are two options to have Vietnam visa for whose want to visit Vietnam this time. The first type of Vietnam visa is Evisa. This is a type of electric visa that apply and issue online by Vietnam Immigration Department. An e-visa for Vietnam can not only enter via air, but also enter by land and river easily. Normally the applicant can submit by himself, directly to the Vietnamese Immigration Department, but it is highly recommended to request from an agency as it will process on behalf of you and deal with any incidents that occurred (if any).

However there are citizens of 81 countries who are allowed to get a Vietnam e-visa only. And Another disadvantage of evisa is that after you apply, you will not be refunded the fee or change your information for any reason, so please have the information ready with the date of arrival and the boder or port you intend to enter.

The second type of Vietnam visa is visa on arival. If your nationality is not in the 81 countries that are granted evisa, a Vietnam Visa On Arrival is one of the simple ways to get it. Sadly, you cannot get a Visa On Arrival in Vietnam in all ports of entry, only Vietnam International airports.

Furthermore, you cannot enter Vietnam and receive a visa at Vietnam airport if you don”t have approval letetr already from the Vietnamese Immigration Department before landing the airplane.

So that you do not have to be confused about your choice, our system has pre-set the appropriate visa type when you choose your nationality.

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