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Business Evisa to enter Vietnam

It is very simple and fast to choose business evisa for whom want to arrive Vietnam to work or meeting in short time.

Nowadays, thanks to internet access has made everything easier. With the advent of technology that has turned the world into a global village, many alternatives to many things affecting human life have emerged. One of the biggest advantages is Evisa, which has shown great improvement, changing the expensive and lengthy method of going to the Vietnamese Embassy. An electronic visa (Evisa) is one of the types of visas issued to foreigners by the Vietnamese Immigration Service through an electronic system for a single entry of up to 30 days. Entry into Vietnam by ship, road or plane are advantages of Evisa.

Why choose Evisa:

 It is not necessary to go through the “Visa on Arrival” office to collect the visa. No additional charge upon arrival.

 You can simply go online to upload your scanned passport and photo when applying for the Vietnam e-Visa. After you pay the fee online, your Vietnam Evisa will be ready within 3 business days (please choose the express service within 8 business hours in urgent cases).

 The less time and cost involved in using Evisa are the main reasons why many people choose this method compared to other lengthy and expensive ones.This will not worry people who want to visit Vietnam how long the visa process can take.

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 Vietnam currently has 9 airports, 16 land border gates and 9 sea border gates that allow foreigners to enter and exit through Evisa. However, you must determine the border crossings or the arrival airport before departure. It is not allowed to change after applying for an e-Visa.

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